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This familiar hopper was an industry standard on many railroads since the 1930s. It was adopted by the AAR as a recommended design, but fell out of favor by the mid-1950s. While offering greater capacity over cars with conventional flat sides, the original open hoppers created corrosive interaction between acidic coal and the car’s joints, leading to costly rebuilding programs.
3-Rail MSRP: $39.95
2-Rail MSRP: $42.95
Estimated Delivery: February 2007


  • Separately-applied coal load, brake wheel and brakewheel platform
  • Either flat end or arched end as appropriate for railroad
  • Accurate painting and lettering
  • Metal couplers and sprung die-cast trucks
  • True scale dimensions with accurate details
  • Weighted, detailed underframes
  • 2-rail cars feature scale wheels and body mounted scale couplers
  • 3-rail trucks pre-drilled for Atlas O Adjust-A-Couplers®
Item# 3-Rail Description Item# 2-Rail
1st Run - February 2007
Atlas O Trainman® AAR 70 Ton 3-Bay Open Hopper (Flat End) - New Model!
901 Burlington Northern 951
904 Western Maryland* 954
Atlas O Trainman® AAR 70 Ton 3-Bay Open Hopper (Arched End) - New Model!
902 Chesapeake & Ohio* 952
903 Southern 953
Two Road Numbers are available per Road Name.
*CSX Licensed Product


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