We’re glad you asked! The ATLAS TRAINMAN® line is a new line of rolling stock and locomotives with the following distinguishing features that make it entirely unique in its price range.

Popular Pricing: While the all-new ATLAS TRAINMAN® line incorporates many features desirable to experienced modelers, the opportunity to own these beautifully decorated units bearing the reliable Atlas name is certain to appeal to the larger model railroading public. Our pricing structure is especially attractive to cost-conscious retailers and consumers.

State of the Art Engineering: From the Rails Up – Our initial ATLAS TRAINMAN® offerings are spectacularly crisp creations, engineered using the latest CAD/CAM software, drawings and steel molds, with features no similarly priced line offers. Surefire crowd pleasers include sturdy construction and the same high quality wheels and couplers from our premium lines.

Atlas Quality & Tradition: Like all model railroad products from Atlas, many hours of painstaking research, fine-tuning and the expertise of the world’s premier prototype pros have gone into creating a line which will offer the high quality and detail that are hallmarks of our company. All ATLAS TRAINMAN® products are built to scale. Modelers who have long dreamed of adding Atlas locomotives and rolling stock to their layouts can now make those dreams reality.

All Aboard!: The first TRAINMAN® units, in O Scale, debuted Spring 2005, with HO TRAINMAN® locomotives and freight cars arriving later that year. They’ve been a popular feature at train shows throughout the country since, generating tremendous interest and glowing comments. Magazine reviews to date have also been very positive, one calling ATLAS O TRAINMAN®, “A better deal on freight cars.(Model Railroad News, May 2006)

TRAINMAN® lines are available to all stores that carry Atlas and Atlas O brand products. If you cannot find them, please order from our Atlas Model online store and Atlas O online store. You can also visit our online dealer locator for Atlas Model Dealers or Atlas O Dealers. As Atlas attempts to gain a better understanding of TRAINMAN® supply and demand in the model railroad marketplace, stock will be carefully monitored and future orders adjusted in accordance with current market demand.

For information about ATLAS TRAINMAN® products and shipping schedule, please click here.

Next to arrive is the highly anticipated ATLAS N TRAINMAN® line, scheduled to begin its debut in late 2006. All TRAINMAN® products can be viewed in our catalog, at upcoming trade shows and in ads in various model railroad magazines.

Atlas TRAINMAN® ~ For everyone who believes in Fun!


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