ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® is a line of high quality, detailed, cars and locomotives offered at a popular price level. For the most part, the freight car and locomotive versions offered in this line will be completely different from the offerings produced in other Atlas product lines. For example, an HO Trainman 3560 Center Flow Hopper will not also be produced in a higher end Atlas HO version, and vice versa.

Why did Atlas Model create TRAINMAN®?

Atlas Model has been making highly detailed cars and locomotives for many years. Dealers and consumers have asked for items with lower cost and sturdier details. ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® is our answer to these requests.

Where did the ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® cars come from?

The ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® cars are completely new tooling. The Atlas Product Development Team incorporated some of the more popular features of our current line, such as free rolling trucks and knuckle couplers, and our razor sharp painting and printing, then paired them up with new tooling. Most of the prototypes in this initial release have never been offered as plastic HO models before!

Are all of the ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® paint schemes correct?

Atlas has gained a reputation for accuracy. This reputation will be extended to the ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® line by putting only realistic paint schemes on a given car or locomotive to the greatest extent possible. In some rare instances, such as the caboose, a road name may appear on the model that did not exist on the prototype. In such cases, Atlas will keep the lettering as accurate as possible.

Will the same cars be offered in both ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® and the Premium line?

Because both the ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® and Premium lines are built to scale, and the quality of the models and decoration will be the same in both lines, items from both lines can readily be run together. The level of detail will be quite similar, with ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® having fewer separate parts. It is not likely that a particular model will be offered in both lines.

What kind of drive system is in the locomotives? What about conversion to DCC?

A premier feature of the ATLAS HO TRAINMAN® locomotive is its drive – the same as our Master Series™ in an affordable locomotive. It includes a five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels, as well as separately applied hand rails and end railings. AN NMRA 8 pin socket is included so that installation of a DCC decoder will be quite simple.

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