What is Atlas O TRAINMAN®?

Atlas O TRAINMAN® is a line of high quality, detailed, cars and locomotives offered at a popular price level.

Why did Atlas O create TRAINMAN®?

Atlas O has been making highly detailed cars and locomotives for 8 years. Many dealers and consumers have been asking for items with lower cost and sturdier details. Atlas TRAINMAN® is Atlas O’s answer to these requests.

Where did the Atlas TRAINMAN® cars come from?

While the Atlas TRAINMAN® cars look like products offered by Atlas during the 1970s and as kits in the 1980s and 1990s, they are, in fact, completely new tooling. Using the old cars as a basis, the Atlas O product development team incorporated some of the more popular features of our current line such as die cast trucks which can be converted to the Adjust-A-Coupler™ system; weighted underframes; see through roof walks and brake wheel platforms; and of course our razor sharp painting and printing.

Are all of the Atlas TRAINMAN® paint schemes correct?

Atlas O has gained a reputation for accuracy. This reputation will be extended to the Atlas TRAINMAN® line by putting only realistic paint schemes on a given car or locomotive.

Will the same cars be offered in both Atlas TRAINMAN® and the Premium line?

Because both the Atlas TRAINMAN® and Premium lines are built to scale, and the quality of the models and decoration will be the same in both lines, items from both lines can readily be run together. The level of detail will be quite similar, with Trainman having some parts molded in place. It is not likely that a particular model will be offered in both lines.

Will the Atlas TRAINMAN® line be offered in 2-rail? What about 2-rail locomotives with TMCC™?

Yes, the Atlas TRAINMAN® line will be offered in 2-rail DC/DCC Ready. Initially the locomotives will not be released in 2-rail with TMCC™, but if demand warrants, they could be added in the future.

Will the locomotives have speed control? What kind of drive system is in the locomotives?

In order to offer the locomotives at the price levels that have been requested, speed control will not be offered. The locomotives will utilize the proven Atlas O drive system featuring twin vertical motors.

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